A family business

Since May 2017 we are focused on manufacturing printed shirts for men. I am Asunción Tenías, founder and owner, as well as, creator of all drawings. I join forces with my children, Claudia and Marcos, who deal with communication and sales.

Asuncion Tenias








Nusa Dual, our brand

It comes from Nusa Dua, located in Bali. A beautiful place and a never-ending source of inspiration. Right there, I discovered the nicest prints I have ever seen. This is why when I started thinking about the name of the brand, Nusa Dua always came to my mind, besides it was a name that sounded right to me, the place does represent everything I wanted to convey through the shirts, nature and loads of colours. In advanced, «Nusa» is the same as «Asun» written the wrong way round, and it is also how people call me. Nusa Dua means «Two Islands» and I am an islander. All these coincidences were just too many to be ignored.



We do not follow guidelines nor trends. We make shirts designed so that they can last a lifetime, since what is well thought through, never goes out of style. We are very concerned with fast fashion consumption which generates great damage to the environment, therefore we create shirts, that remain in time, with quality fabrics, timeless prints and a good finish.

The process

Choosing the perfect pattern is considered one of the main parts of the creation process of a garment, and we are, indeed, aware of this in Nusa Dual. Searching for the right print for your own collection can be, often, very frustrating, since you may have specific ideas on how you would like your collection to look like, but you then realize that you have not come through with the suitable drawing. Almost certain that this will happen. At other times, you find the fabric supplier you were searching for and your first season becomes outstanding, but you then run off the second collection and it is no longer what you were looking for. This is really disappointing, which is why, since I decided to make printed shirts, it became clear we had to create our own drawings and this is exactly what we do. Nature is our source of inspiration. Our collections are distinguished by intense and exciting coloured drawings based on reinterpreted retro-inspired prints. Patterns symbolizing individualism and nostalgia of earlier times, likewise with a, sometimes, comic nod, manage to establish that ‘Urban Hawaiian’ shirt for which we are renowned.